The open source CAN-Bus network for leisure vehicles

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LeisureCAN is an open standard for a CAN Bus system for the leisure sector (motorhomes, campervans, caravans, boats, …).

LeisureCAN is targeted at the self-built sector and small exclusive manufacturers that want to equip their product with a hugely flexible, reliable and open electrical system, without being bound to proprietary standards.

With a LeisureCAN system, you can switch any component from anywhere, and you can change what switches what without touching a cable - a web browser is all that's needed.

On top of that, any measurement taken on the bus (engine temperature, oil pressure, …) can be made visible anywhere, either with a digital or analogue gauge.

The communication protocol is open and documented, and anyone can use it to build their own components. We have released the source code (see links below) for the devices that provide relay and switch capacity, and offer reporting of measurements and driving gauges to show them, to allow anyone to build their own system without having to do any programming.

What does it do?

LeisureCAN bus module LeisureCAN is a CAN Bus network that can be put into any leisure vehicle. It allows you to switch anything connected on or off from anywhere, and to display measurements (temperature, pressure, …) from any measuring device at any location, and all that without changing any of the wiring. Install once, add components to your liking, control anything from anywhere. That simple.

We also have a functional specification.

Can I make it myself?

No problem. Download the specification document, and get going. The code for the devices is also freely available, so you don't even have to program yourself. You can also software configure the system without a master controller, or you can make your own.

If you want to configure the system using a web-based master controller, please contact us.

Can I buy it?

If you want a single system, we can supply you with a fully configured set of devices that you can fit yourself, and we offer you the support to fit it - see our price list for more details. You can also use the open source code to build your own LeisureCAN network, or you can develop your own components according to the open specification. At the moment, we can't supply large numbers of components, but single systems are no problem at all. Ask for a quote: christian@leisurecan.org

Can I use it in my own product?

LeisureCAN Master Web Controller Yes, you CAN (pun intended). Use the specifications, use the open source code, write your own, … Feel free to use it for your own product, or to manufacture LeisureCAN components yourself. The only thing we ask you is to not to modify the specification. If you need anything added or have good reasons for requesting a change, just let us know, and we will incorporate it into the specification. Let's keep this open. This will ensure that your product will be compatible with other LeisureCAN components. That's the beauty of the whole project…

Specification Document

Specification Document (Please wait 20 seconds for the download to start)

Video first prototype

Source Code for the Device

Source Code for the Devices

import file for source code

This source code is written to run on an Arduino Nano microcontroller, with a MCP2515 CAN card connected to it.

Functional Overview

Making your own devices



Interested? Email Christian at christian@leisurecan.org

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