The open source CAN-Bus network for leisure vehicles

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Price List

(All prices including all taxes and shipping to the UK - please enquire for shipping abroad).

UnitFunktionsPrice GBP
Master ControllerLets you configure your LeisureCAN system, and change the configuration through WiFi and a browser £ 299.00
Relay/Switch Unit4 10A relay outputs, 8 switch inputs £ 249.00
12 Port input/output unitFreely configurable for input switches, measuring devices, gauge outputs, … £ 249.00
Junction Box1 input bus, 1 output bus, 3 device outputs £ 69.00
bus end box1 input, termination resistance, 3 outputs £ 64.00
bus cablewith plugs both ends, per metre£ 8.00

These prices reflect that the systems are built by hand one at a time at the moment. Once we get into a more industrial process, the prices should drop quite dramatically. If you feel that you want to take on manufacturing and distribution, please contact me - I would be more than happy to let someone else deal with it.

All components come with a 1 year warranty. You can return any unit within that year, and if it's faulty, we will send you back a new one. Any problems not related to the components of the system we supplied itself are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty claim can never exceed the value of the unit returned on warranty. We do not refund money, but supply replacement units if found faulty.

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